How to Pass a Flight Attendant Training


A flight attendant’s main responsibility is to ensure that a person on board her aircraft is comfortable and safe in times of emergency. For a person to become a flight attendant, you should go into training and learn the different procedures of the airline you will be working for. Passing the training will ensure you of the flight attendant job. Here are some helpful hints for you to pass that training with flying colors.

Before you go into training, it is best to secure a flight attendant job first. Each airline has their own set of rules, procedures and safety regulations and will train you accordingly. There are necessary training courses required by the airline where you find employment. Some of these are: safety procedures, how to deal with difficult passengers and etc. If you want, you can take short term courses in a flight attendant training school on general airlines and flying procedures before applying. These courses cover procedures on airport, regulations on aviation and the basics of cardio pulmonary resuscitation, first aid included.

When you enrolled in a flight attendant training school, introduce yourself to your trainers and your classmates to help you feel at ease and make you comfortable. Be friendly and get to know your trainers and classmates. If you need help, you can even ask them. Getting to know these people will help you in your study. Be courteous and professional when dealing with your classmates and trainers. They will help you through your whole training duration.

Always be on time for your class. You should avoid being late for training. Trainers will expect you to be punctual at all times. In the actual workplace, flight attendants should be on time that is why you are expected to show it during the training period. This is from information gleaned at

As an aspiring flight attendant, you are required to pass your classes with good marks. For you to get the job, it is best to study whenever you have the chance. Attend observation classes regarding flights and be sure to use your time after classes to study well. Be prepared for your examinations too. Final examinations differ from airline to airline and from another training school to another school but no matter how different they are, you must pass them. Some of these airlines or schools do not allow a retake so you need to pass it on your first examination. Examination could be a simulated flight, an oral or a written exam.

Training hours tend to be long and tedious, it is best that you bring with you some snacks that you can eat and share with your classmates/friends.

After the training is done, you will now have that dream job of yours, be sure that you perform well during your training and in your work. After all, this is what you want. You have to remember that you work hard for this job so you better do well and show airline passengers that you are one of the best flight attendants that they can count on.

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